Jamaal Phelps-Bey (Born April 3, 1991) also known as “NaAstY Made” is an American Recording Artist. Music has been instilled in him since his childhood days, “I remember writing one of my first rhymes I did on a series of books by Junie B. Jones in Elementary.” At the age of fifteen, he made his first beat utilizing Propellerhead’s Reason 3.0 software. This led him to having a relentless drive to explore the world of music. Surrounding himself with other positive family members from the former rap group “1 Way Boyz”, he felt as if he had to make a more structured path for his partners as well. NaAstY Made then began engineering music, taking it to a more mature level of quality. He has spent countless days and sleepless nights enhancing his craft, networking and performing at major events in Florida.

     Graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Recording Arts as of September 2016 at Full Sail University, he spends most of his time as a barber to support his music career. His consistent drive allows him to originate two-fisted flows while delivering assertive. Currently at the age of 26, He is a founder of “Self Made Records, LLC”. With the locality of Orlando and the support from Hopewell Virginia, NaAstY continues to produce great quality sounds while contriving new and invigorating lyrical content.


~ Johnathan White


For all bookings and features contact via cell or email.

NAASTY MADE - 804-318-2338